Health Benefits of Anjeer

Health Benefits of Anjeer (Dried Fig)

Some health benefits of dried figs help in the various treatments of illness. some of them are Constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, and asthma.

Thought the figs are seasonally available, dried figs are available almost everywhere, at any point during the year.

The following table, which is adapted from the United States of Department of Agriculture, shows the Nutritional content of 100 gram of raw and dried figs in kilocalories, grams, milligrams and micrograms:

CALORIES74 kcal249 kcal
PROTEIN0.75 g3.3 g
LIPIDS0.3 g0.93 g
SUGAR16.26 g47.92 g
CALCIUM35 mg162 mg
IRON0.37 mg2.03 mg
MAGNESIUM17 mg68 mg
PHOSPHORUS14 mg67 mg
POTASSIUM232 mg680 mg
VITAMIN C2 mg1.2 mg
FOLATE6 mcg9 mcg
CHOLINE4.7 mg15.8mg
VITAMIN A7 mcg0 mg
BETA-CAROTENE85 mcg6 mcg
VITAMIN K 4.7 mcg15.6 mcg
Nutritional Profile and Portion Size

Fig is naturally rich in much health benefiting phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. Dried figs, Indeed, are highly concentrated sources of minerals and vitamins.

IMPROVES DIGESTION: Anjeer prevents constipation and other digestive problems like irritable (IBS).

WEIGHT LOSS: Dried figs are an ideal snack for people who want to lose weight. apart from rich in fiber, they are low in calories( one piece of anjeer gives 47 calories).

PREVENTS HYPERTENSION: One dried fig gives you 129 mg of potassium and just 2 mg of sodium. This helps to prevent hypertension.

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Dried figs have an antioxidant property called phenols, which is much of superior quality.

PREVENTS HEART DISEASE: Figs reduced the levels of triglycerides, Eliminate free radicals in the body that can damage blood vessels, and result in heart disease.

PREVENTS CANCER: Antioxidant-rich dried figs also help in preventing cellular DNA damage due to free radicals that can make a cell cancerous.

STRENGTHENS YOUR BONES: One dried fig gives us 3% calcium of our daily calcium requirement.

CURES IRON-DEFICIENCY ANEMIA: One fig can provide 2% of our daily iron requirement. And increase the level of hemoglobin levels indirectly by increasing the levels of iron in the body.

A fig is a nutritious fruit that provide a lot of calcium, fiber and other vitamins and minerals. One must include in their snacks or diet as a way to treat various condition that is harming one’s body.

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